How to finish Stainless Steel Complete finishing systems “in a box”

Welcome to the all new Cibo Abrasives Time

Saving Kits. Stainless steel solutions ‘in a box’.

Do you need to brush finish stainless steel or

mirror polish stainless steel?

Cibo abrasives have created 6 kits to solve the

problems of polishing stainless steel flat

surfaces, internal or external corners and tubes.

Their kits give you complete solutions:

When you receive your kit:

1.  Watch the complete video(s).

2.  Follow the detailed instructions.

3.  Achieve a great satin finish /

     mirror polish using the products enclosed.

    As simple as ABC!

Internal Corners

Access even the most difficult corners to create a satin or mirror bright finish.

Box Sheet & Mitres

Remove stainless steel welds and create a great finish without any visible undercutting.  

Round Tubes

Beautiful satin finish or mirror polished round corners, with no undercutting.

Abrasive kits for stainless steel.  Professional satin finished mitre joints and mirror polished box tube How to abrade and polish stainless steel tube, balustrades and handrails Weld removal and how to polish stainless steel internal corners